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The Pitfights

There is a chance the pitfights—to be renamed, of course—will make a comeback in 2007. But it needs your feedback. And to do that, I’m going to tell you what it’s about. The pitfights are an arena, a Play-by-Post kind of game where two players battle it out Naruto d20 style. Everything will be supervised […]

Update… Not!

The update is going to be around 1 month later than the last—that’s August 6th—and is going to be at the very, very least 50 pages. Might even be 75 pages or more if I’m feeling motivated. I must be insane.


And there you go, yet another update. Recorded update number 28, if I’m not mistaken. A nice, comfortable 773 pages—advanced bookmarks are absolute hell. Thank you! Now go and download it. And vote in this poll!

Taken over by pirates!

Oh no! Well, at least we have a picture of the suspect… He bears a striking resemblance to yours truly, but ah… it must be a coincidence! Regardless, they demand 50 or more votes before the next update is released! Damn pirates… vote here! or donate a million dollars! Either is fine! On other notes, […]

Another update! BAM!

Cover art! Presentation pages! Credits redone! Modifications! Oh my, this is starting to look good. Check out all 744 pages of the new and improved Naruto d20 on our forums, or download it here! This is worth a looksee, people!