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Just an update

Hey folks, Frankto back here to post a progress update and give you an idea when things are going to happen. I know it seemed I was on fire for a while, but the next update is going to come on Naruto: d20’s third birthday, August the 16th, and there’ll be a special surprise for everyone.

Now, for the pitfights. I understand you’re all very eager to participate and expect great things out of it. Yes, it will happenórules are being fine tuned, things are being added as we speak. In early September, the first edition should begin with your E-Rank gladiators.

Now, you can find the update thread as usual here, and you may also expect the coming update to bring the page count around the 825-850 pagesóamazing, I know. Don’t worry though, it’ll be split in three soon enough. And that’s that, I hope you’re having fun this summer!

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Comment from Sabaku_no_Gaara
Time: October 2, 2007, 6:08 pm

The pitfights will be by msn?(im a beginner so don’t joke). When you select the date of the pitfights please send me an e-mail.

Comment from ArtofPsycosis
Time: December 3, 2008, 5:05 pm

Are you going to try to convert to the 4th edition D&D rule set??

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