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So a friend of mine came online tonight and saw I’d made a few changes. So he calls “update me! update me!” and I generously complied. Also, it helps that he serves as my Game Master more often than not. BUT! At the same time, I happened upon a ND20 game in progress, and in my great generosity and kindness (READ: For my own personal amusement) I decreed that if the players did nothing stupid for one-half of one hour, then an update was released.

The players were not aware of this, but they won the day for you all. And so the update is here. How did the saying go again? Ah, yes. I believe it was something like… “Zing, [female dogs]” or somesuch.


PS: Another update should follow in the next few weeks as I implement the Chakra Reserves and Skill Threshold systems. More details on the forums! Tell your friends.


Comment from Cody Hayles
Time: November 14, 2009, 3:29 am

I was involved =]

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