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Archive for May, 2007

Update. Again.

It’s out, in its 725 page, re-edited glory! Shinier than ever, I suppose. Go grab it on our forums and drop a comment while you’re there! Have a blast.

News: Meatpie is still awesome. Tastamaglicious, even. Oh, and the update’s coming along. So many changes! I feel I should add another class. Any ideas? Something from D&D that looks good and would fit in the ND20 setting?

Next update to come soon. I’m in the process of adding new things and completely revamping puppets. Thank Hastur on the forums for his great ideas.

Update Out!

And at last, after a little while, the update is finally out. The main file now boasts 703 pages, a lot of new feats, classes, techniques and so such. Get it in our download section, or drop by the forum, snatch the file and drop us a comment!