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What was I thinking?! Taken over by pirates? What kind of news is that? In other news… FEED MEEEE! Oh yeah, and the update is coming, too. I guess. So long as you vote on the link I mentioned in the previous post

Taken over by pirates!

Oh no! Well, at least we have a picture of the suspect… He bears a striking resemblance to yours truly, but ah… it must be a coincidence! Regardless, they demand 50 or more votes before the next update is released! Damn pirates… vote here! or donate a million dollars! Either is fine! On other notes, […]

The Update is coming

So it is. Soon. Or at least, somewhat soon. Maybe. Possibly. It isn’t impossible that the update is coming soon. In fact, I would like to take this as an opportunity to distract you with… er… puppies! Yes. Puppies!

Another update! BAM!

Cover art! Presentation pages! Credits redone! Modifications! Oh my, this is starting to look good. Check out all 744 pages of the new and improved Naruto d20 on our forums, or download it here! This is worth a looksee, people!

Progress Report

We’re 736 pages and well into next update, with brand new cover art compliment of Jon Grasseschi. More details on the forums! Don’t despair, it’s coming soon!