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The Relics Repository

The Relics Repository is finally completed and available to all for free download. Inside you will find over a hundred new items, including several item sets as well as all seven swords of the mist. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who contributed ideas and thereby helped to make this a better […]

Store and the way of the master

Updates are few and far in-between on this thing, aren’t they? I had to wipe a layer of dust just to get to typing this post. Anyway, as you may know, the Naruto d20 Store is now up and running, and the Way of the Master is the first, but hopefully not the last supplement […]

Technical Issues

We’re having some technical issues with our databases at the moment, and the forums will be back shortly. EDIT: These issues have since been resolved. Carry on!

So You Know

As some of you may know, I rarely release updates in the summer, mainly because I am occupied by other things—including but not limited to work, World of Warcraft and going to the gym as often as I can. The project is not abandoned, so do not fear and please stop sending me emails asking […]

Just an update

Hey folks, Frankto back here to post a progress update and give you an idea when things are going to happen. I know it seemed I was on fire for a while, but the next update is going to come on Naruto: d20’s third birthday, August the 16th, and there’ll be a special surprise for […]