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Store and the way of the master

Updates are few and far in-between on this thing, aren’t they? I had to wipe a layer of dust just to get to typing this post. Anyway, as you may know, the Naruto d20 Store is now up and running, and the Way of the Master is the first, but hopefully not the last supplement on there. Feel free to grab it for a measly $2.49!

In other news, I’ll hopefully be able to post a new bi-monthly column on this blog detailing famous ninja, artifacts and ninja organizations that some of you will hopefully either find interesting or be able to use in your campaigns or stories or things.

<— Naruto d20 Store this way!

That’s it for now. The main file update should be coming along sometime in March, I hope. You should enjoy this one–if all goes well, I’ll be able to add the elemental combination bloodlines, provided the author stops muddling up the details.

Don’t die, people.

PS: Did I mention the Way of the Master was only $2.49? Because it is. You should check it out!

Updates and things

The Naruto d20 main file has been updated and if you missed it, I also released the Sage’s Handbook yesterday, which was updated also. You may find them on the forum, or the sidebar download link.

<— That way.

If you have not already, feel free to subscribe to the Naruto d20 fan page to be notified of whatever I’m working on at the time!

<— Right there.

And if you like what I do and have a little something to spare, then feel free to donate! Every donation helps to keep up with the website costs!

Now on Facebook!

As the title implies, Naruto d20 is now on facebook if you prefer to get your news over there. So if all goes well, you can click this link, or…

<– or you can click this link.

Technical Issues

We’re having some technical issues with our databases at the moment, and the forums will be back shortly.

EDIT: These issues have since been resolved. Carry on!

Update on Christmas? Hellz YEAH!

So, Frankto decided to give you all a gift for this merry season and he updated the mainfile (with bookmarks, thank you very much!), isn’t he sweet?

We both want to wish you a happy non-denominational holiday and a very happy new year!