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Learn Mechanics

The poll is up for the finalized version of the new learn mechanics. You can find it here. Please read the file and ask any question you have before voting.


The latest update (2008/02/28) has been released to the public. You can grab it in the usual places, and it is fully bookmarked (which was quite the time-consuming thing to do, admittably).

The Future is Now.

Paradoxical statements aside, the update is fast approaching and bursting at the seams with new content, and stuff that was reworked almost entirely.


Now, I know what you may think. “But the project is on hiatus, right?” And that’s a perfectly justified question, because it still is. I know, this goes contrary to the definition of “hiatus” but it doesn’t matter, because I’m enjoying not giving a damn too much. But as it was, I was bored and […]

Just an update

Hey folks, Frankto back here to post a progress update and give you an idea when things are going to happen. I know it seemed I was on fire for a while, but the next update is going to come on Naruto: d20’s third birthday, August the 16th, and there’ll be a special surprise for […]