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The Relics Repository

The Relics Repository is finally completed and available to all for free download. Inside you will find over a hundred new items, including several item sets as well as all seven swords of the mist. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who contributed ideas and thereby helped to make this a better product; you all know who you are. You can find it in the Downloads section, or in the Free Downloads section of the Naruto d20 Store

A lot of time and effort went into making this supplement as good as possible in as little time as possible, and so I would very much appreciate it if you considered donating anything you feel comfortable, but if that means nothing at all, then I’m fine with that too. I’ve included some easy links to donate the following amounts with only one click: 3$, 5$ or 10$.

If you prefer, you can check the donate section or buy something from the store, both of which you can find on the left-hand side. Either way, I hope you enjoy it!

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